Grand Scale Live Steam

Grand Scale Live Steam is all about appreciating quality engineering and mechanical things.

The products of this company are aimed at catching the eyes of people who enjoy masterpieces.

As the founder and owner of this business, my passion for mechanical designs extends in several industries, for example, from large industrial machines, architecture to the small things that you need a microscope to know their real value and input within them.

Dedicated to delivering an accurate representation of classic and contemporary locomotives, rolling stock and accessories, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail demonstrated in each of our models.

At Grand Scale Live Steam we hope to develop long-term relationship's with the Australian model engineering community and to enhance the retail support available in for these products.

We aim to match the requirements of locomotive builders who have the necessary skill, but little time; or those new to the hobby who have the interest but no knowledge or expertise.

What-we-doOur aim at Grand Scale Live Steam is to provide our clients' with high quality fully working “live steam” models that you can really use and experience what it was like to be in the bygone era.

We will also offer service and repairs to our products long after the warranty has expired for I am sure most purchasers will have many years of pleasure watching their models gracefully run along club tracks or garden railways.

With ample technology and workforce at hand, we can provide our clients with unrivaled experience and knowledge in building custom building models and engineering services.

Therefore, whether you need a simple bespoke fitting or a complete loco building and repainting, Grand Scale Live Steam is up to the task.

Custom Made Display Cases

You may prefer leaving your model in a display case and enjoy looking at its design. That’s why we offer you custom made display cases that come in several styles in select furniture of Australian grade.

It will ensure that you come up with a museum piece that will make your yard or patio appealing to your eyes and those of your guests.

Another advantage of the display cases is that they ensure your model is protected from external weather elements that may damage or discolor it. The result is that it will retain its factory look for many years.

competitive-priceAt Grand Scale Live Steam, we provide you with the best locomotives at the best competitive price that you can find in Australia.

We ensure our overhead costs are low, which mean that the result is the best price for you. We make sure that our stocks are kept at minimum levels and encourage you to choose factory purchases which may have completion rates months ahead of your order date.

While ordering, you’ll typically pay 60%, while the rest will be paid when the product is delivered to our store.

The insurance and freight costs from our Brisbane site to your address are in addition to the locomotive price.

Remember that we offer you quality products, which means that you should be ready for the best locomotive design.

At Grand Scale Live Steam, our customer care service ensures that you get fast answers to any questions or queries.

That’s because we value our customers. We know that buying your model locomotive is a long-term investment.